Discount Programs

A 10% discount will be given to any person who purchases a new or used vehicle from us for any parts or accessories purchased over the counter for the vehicle they purchased, for as long as they own it. So if you are the “do it yourself “ person who changes your own oil, does routine maintenance, chrome goodies you will receive your discount just by presenting your discount card.

We also offer any person belonging to the STAR TOURING SOCIETY a 10% discount for anything they purchase. This is our way of saying “thank you” to our loyal customers and YAMAHA STAR members. Another group we give 10% discount to is a card-carying American Motorcycle Association members , known as the AMA. , ROK Member, ( Riders of Kawasaki)  just present your membersip card and we will gladly give you a discount also !!  It pays to shop here.  !!!